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The Alexander Technique

Poise * Presence * Connection

How do you carry yourself? When asked this question, many people confess that they have "bad posture." This may be true to some extent, but there is a deeper significance to the question of "carriage." As we move through life, we are our only instrument for living. Thus, the way we carry ourselves is the way we live.

We have all experienced that subtle but significant sense of release, ease and exhileration that comes over us when we are hearing a stirring piece of music, having a delightful conversation with a loved one, or feeling "flow" in a favorite activity. Is this release in the mind or the body? It can be hard to say. At such moments, it's as if our minds and bodies unite in the understanding that we don't have to do so much in our lives. These wonderful moments of connection don't happen because we do them. We can, however, live in a way that allows them.

The Alexander Technique is the practice of tuning your mind-body instrument so that you can play your life with ease, energy and power. The AT is learned in 10 to 30 one-on-one sessions.


Sessions are $60 for 45 minutes.


San Francisco (Roosevelt Way off of 17th Street)
Kentfield (Poplar Drive off of Wolfe Grade)